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Research program

1) Corporate finance and financial markets

·         Financial and economic analysis of enterprises, prediction of default, classification methods in financial analysis, interaction of corporate sector and financial markets.

·         JEL Classification: G3, G21, G23, G24, G1


2) Accounting and auditing

·         Financial reporting, creative accounting practices and accounting fraud in Czech accounting standards and IFRS, accounting auditing, role of accounting in corporate management.

·         JEL Classification: M4


3) Public finance

·         Fiscal decentralization, local government finance, fiscal policy and fiscal institutions, tax systems

·         JEL Classification: E62, H24, H25, H6, H7


4) Agricultural economics and policy

·         Economic and financial analysis of agricultural businesses, ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of impact of agricultural policy in enterprises.

·         JEL Classification: M21, Q12, Q14 

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